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Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood Publisher: Vintage - Haruki Murakami

Norwegian Wood is the first Haruki Murakami novel that I have read and as an introduction to Murakami's works, it's all worth it. 

This is basically a simple and almost normal story of young people in love with very profound emotions. I can say that this book is interesting and beautifully written in a comprehensible language; not actually cliche and boring. The characters are well-defined, natural and realistic. 

Toru Watanabe, the protagonist, narrates the story by reminiscing his old days as a college student, his friendship with Kizuki, how he met Naoko, Midori, Nagasawa, Reiko and other characters. Generally, the story revolves around Toru, Nako and Midori-- their rather odd relationships, their way of coping with life and death and their struggles in life.

Midori Kobayashi is my favorite character. She's indeed vivacious, fun and outgoing. I love her random quirkiness, her random thoughts, I love her for labeling herself as working class instead of being smart. She represents life in the story especially to Toru, she gives him hope for his future and for a new start.

Murakami's way of storytelling is fascinating and enthralling; it's as if the characters have a special connection with me, it's as if he put me under his spell and that spell makes me more eager to read/finish the book.

Overall, this novel is emotionally satisfying and I highly recommend it because I, myself, am in love with this book I do not know how to put it into words. 

P.S. The ending is open-ended, open to readers' interpretations and I'm still trying to interpret it.