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Fire with Fire - Siobhan Vivian, Jenny Han

Before reading: 
"Yes. My girls are back! This is it!" 

After Reading: 
"Wait. What on earth have I just read?!"

I read Burn for Burn almost a year ago and was having doubts if I should re-read it first before reading this one. Good thing is that, the book reminds you what happened in the previous one without re-reading or even scanning it. Although I didn't like the first book as much as I like this one because Burn for Burn is a major major major cliffhanger. Everything was so blurry and vague, I was left hanging and wanting clarifications. (Plus the fact that I didn't know it is a trilogy.) 

Fire with Fire is way intriguing and interesting compare to Burn for Burn. It's a different read from book 1 because it is more focus on the consequences and aftermath of their "sweet, sweet revenge" to the people who wronged them. It is a satisfying follow up book from Burn for Burn. 

Everything was like an extreme roller coaster ride. It was so intense, especially the last chapters that I never saw anything coming. 

I simply adore my girls-- Lillia, Kat and Mary. Oh, God, my girls! I seriously love their relationship, although they're very casual, you know that they love and care for each other. Sweet. The characters are well defined that they started to feel like real people.

Lillia is definitely my favorite character. I found myself much more engaged with her. I think she's the more mature in this book. I love her classy and sophisticated side. She's changed and grew up. She became the person I wanted her to be in the first book- a strong princess Lillia. She never let anyone, not even Rennie, bring her down. That's my girl! Surprisingly, there are times that I was rooting Reeve for her. Weird because I really wanted him to suffer for his douchebaggery. His soft side made me like him but I couldn't love him. 

Kat remains the badass girl. I love her for that. She's not scared to be herself. She's still spunky and sarcastic. I adore her for being so considerate, loyal and very nice to Mary and Lillia. I was hoping to see her soft side though, so I'm crossing my fingers to see the softer side of her in the final book. 

And there's Mary, sweet little Mary. At first, I found her chapters a bit boring and I couldn't connect myself to her that I sometimes wanted to just skip her part. And then the twist came. I was kind of expecting it because I'm fully aware and it's apparent that there's something supernatural about her (view spoiler) I didn't see it coming. I was surprised big time. I had to pause reading for a moment to ask myself "WHAT WAS THAT?" She just fueled my curiosity. I have so much questions in my mind I just can't even. 

The ending is a massive confusion. OMG that ending. It left me, once again, dangling. I really really really can't wait for the final book. I'm anticipating so much things already. 

Overall all I can say is good job Han and Vivian!